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15 May 2023

Pentecost - Outcome

The final paragraph of the second chapter of Acts summarizes the results of the Spirit’s outpouring. It describes the basic practices of the young congregation that resulted from the Spirit’s presence – Teaching, shared meals, fellowship, prayers, unity, and material support for individuals in need. The one unique feature is the holding of possessions “in common” under the administration of the Apostles.

13 May 2023

In Jerusalem

The book of Acts begins IN JERUSALEM with the ascension of Jesus and the outpouring of the Spirit. It concludes with Paul preaching the gospel in the heart of the World Empire, the city of Rome. Following his resurrection, Jesus ascended to reign “at the right hand of God.” He then bestowed the gift of the Spirit on his church to empower them to proclaim his gospel to all nations.

13 April 2023

A Female Apostle?

Proponents of appointing women as apostles in the church cite Paul’s reference to someone named “Junia” in his letter to the churches of Rome as evidence that the early church had female apostles. Apparently, his description of her as being “of note among the apostles” proves she was one.

03 April 2023

Joint Heirs of the Resurrection

The biblical faith is forward-looking and integral to its doctrine of salvation is the future resurrection of the dead. And that event will also mark the commencement of the New Creation. In the New Testament, this hope is linked to two events. First, the past resurrection of Jesus, and second, his future arrival at the end of the age. And salvation will remain incomplete without the resurrection of the saints.

30 March 2023

Spirit and Inheritance

The history of Israel includes national sins that caused her expulsion from the land. But God foresaw her failures and determined to institute a new covenant, one energized and characterized by His Spirit, and one that includes the Gentiles. And it culminates in the Resurrection and the New Creation.