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  1. Life-Giving Spirit - {PDF Copy} - (There is no life without the Spirit of God, for it is His Spirit that creates, animates, sustains, and restores life, both natural and spiritual)
  2. Heirs of the Covenant - {PDF Copy} - (With the ascension of Jesus, the gift of the Spirit arrived with blessings for all believers as promised to Abraham)
  3. Covenant, Creation and Resurrection - {PDF Copy} - (The gift of the Spirit is part of the New Covenant and the “first fruits” of the New Creation and the resurrection)
  4. Resurrection and New Creation - {PDF Copy} - (The Spirit is the first fruit of the future bodily resurrection of believers and the redemption of the Creation)
  5. Resurrection and the Spirit - {PDF Copy} - (The gift of the Spirit is the first fruit of the bodily resurrection and the foretaste of the promised New Creation)
  6. In the Last Days - (The outpouring of the Spirit on Pentecost signaled the arrival of the “last days,” as prophesied by Joel ) - {PDF Copy}
  7. Inheritance of the Saints - (Believers are the heirs of Abraham and possession of the inheritance is guaranteed by the gift of the Spirit) - {PDF Copy}
  8. The Promised Spirit - (The “promise of the Spirit” is part of the “blessing of Abraham” promised to the nations and the “children of Abraham") - {PDF Copy}
  9. To You is the Promise - (The gift of the Spirit is for all men and women who repent, “even to those afar off,” all in fulfillment of the promise of the Father - Acts 2:37-41) - {PDF Copy}
  10. The Blessing of Abraham - (The gift of the Spirit is given by Jesus as part of God’s promise to bless all nations in Abraham’s seed) - {PDF Copy}

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[Seljalandsfoss Photo by Matt Lamers on Unsplash]