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  1. The Life-Giving Spirit - {PDF Copy} - (Jesus dispenses the Life-Giving Spirit without which there is no enduring life. His words are spirit, and they are life)
  2. God's Good News - {PDF Copy} - (Paul presents his Gospel from humanity's plight due to sin to the resurrection of the dead because of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection)
  3. Resurrection and Salvation - {PDF Copy} - (Central to salvation in the Apostolic tradition is the bodily resurrection of the dead when Jesus arrives to gather his saints)
  4. The Time of Fulfillment - {PDF Copy} - (The Gift of the Spirit is part of the New Covenant, the first fruits of the New Creation and the gathering of the Nations)
  5. Life through His Spirit - {PDF Copy} - (Paul describes his gospel in Romans from humanity's plight due to sin to the resurrection of the dead through Jesus of Nazareth)
  6. Earnest of the Inheritance - (Believers are the heirs of Abraham, and the possession of their inheritance is secured by possession of the Gift of the Spirit) - {PDF Copy}
  7. Spirit and Inheritance - {PDF Copy} - (The Gift of the Spirit is foundational to the New Covenant, and it is the first fruits of the Resurrection and the New Creation)
  8. Resurrection and New Creation - {PDF Copy} - (Paul links the bodily resurrection of believers to the New Creation, and both events are part of the promised redemption – Romans 8:1-23)
  9. Spirit and Resurrection - {PDF Copy} - (The Gift of the Spirit is First Fruits of the bodily resurrection and a foretaste of the promised New Creation)
  10. The Spirit of Life - (The Spirit of God imparts life, especially the everlasting life of which the Gift of the Spirit is the First Fruits, foretaste, and guarantee) - {PDF Copy}
  11. Having Started in the Spirit - (The receipt of the Spirit while in an uncircumcised state is irrefutable proof that Gentiles are accepted by God AS GENTILES) - {PDF Copy}
  12. The Promise of the Spirit - (The Promise of the Spirit is one of the blessings of Abraham promised by God for the nations and the children of the Patriarch) - {PDF Copy}
  13. Warfare in the Spirit - (Disciples wage spiritual warfare through right conduct, acts of love, and by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ) - {PDF Copy}
  14. Do All Speak in Tongues? - (Does the New Testament teach that all believers receive the gift of tongues when they are baptized in the Spirit?) - {PDF Copy}
  15. True Spirituality - (The spiritually-minded man understands that the Gospel of Christ Crucified is God’s true power and wisdom - 1 Corinthians 2:14) - {PDF Copy}
  16. The Spirit of Christ - (The Spirit of Christ that indwells the true believer will quicken his or her mortal body at the future resurrection – Romans 8:18-39) - {PDF Copy}
  17. Spiritual Power - {PDF Copy} - (The power and wisdom of God are revealed in the proclamation of a Messiah who was crucified on Calvary)
  18. Heirs of the Resurrection - {PDF Copy} - (Central to the hope of the Apostolic Faith is the bodily resurrection of the dead at the end of the age)
  19. Where God Dwells - {PDF Copy} - (The New Testament applies Temple language from the Hebrew Bible to the Church, the Body of Christ, the greater and true Sanctuary of God)
  20. The Evidence of the Spirit - {PDF Copy} - (The Gift of the Spirit among the Galatians demonstrates they are the sons of God and the heirs of the Covenant promises)
  21. The Last Days - {PDF Copy} - (The Last Days, the time of fulfillment, began with the death, resurrection, and exaltation of Jesus of Nazareth)

  1. Resurrection Power - {PDF Copy} - (Paul expressed his goal of going on to perfection to the Philippians, a process that will culminate in resurrection when Jesus arrives)
  2. One Spirit, One People - {PDF Copy} - (By his death, Jesus formed one covenant community - One New Man - based on faith in him, not ethnicity or nationality – Ephesians 2:11-22)


  1. He Abolished Death - {PDF Copy} - (Paul reminded Timothy of the resurrection of Jesus and his victory over death since false teachers were denying the future resurrection of believers)

  1. His Superior Covenant - (Jesus inaugurated the superior New Covenant through his Death and Resurrection, rendering the old covenant obsolete – Hebrews 8:6-13) - {PDF Copy}
  2. Distributions of the Spirit - (Followers of Jesus must cling to the word of the Son that has been confirmed by sign, wonders, and the impartations of the Holy Spirit) - {PDF Copy}

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